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Legendary NFL Player Lawrence Taylor Is Furious With Monday Night's Officials

Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor

Legendary NFL player Lawrence Taylor is furious with Monday night's officiating crew. 

Chiefs defensive star Chris Jones was called for a ridiculous roughing the passer call on Raiders quarterback Derek Carr last night. It makes the Tom Brady roughing the passer call on Sunday look good. 

Taylor is furious that defensive players are getting penalized for simply playing football. 

"Cmon man!!! You can’t call that…terrible," said Taylor. 

Here's the player Lawrence Taylor is so upset over:

"This roughing the passer call is trash!!! Do you want Chris Jones to lay a pillow down and tuck him in?"

Football is no longer football. Lawrence Taylor isn't alone in thinking a change has to be made. 

Legendary NFL coach Tony Dungy is also furious with NFL officiating. 

This is not football anymore. I know we have to protect the QB but Chris Jones was recovering a fumble. We have gotten ridiculous with this.

The NFL needs to take a long look at this. Something has to change.