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Lockout Ends, Athlon NFL Mags Coming Soon!


The light at the end of the NFL lockout tunnel is here. And it only took 136 days – give or take a day or two.

In the coming week, fans can expect literally thousands of transactions. Every draft pick still needs to be signed, undrafted free agent rookies will be snapped up, all restricted and unrestricted free agents will be tendered, big-time trades (including some starting quarterbacks — looking at you, Philadelphia and Arizona) and loads of cuts will fill the news wire in the next few days.

But never fear, Athlon Sports hasn’t locked-out. For the 30th year in a row, Athlon Sports will hit newsstands with its NFL preview magazines in mid-August. The Pro Football book enters its third decade of existence with everything an NFL fan needs to get ready for the 2011 season. Pre-order your copy today here!

Of course, we cover the new CBA with a feature about labor peace and what it means for fans, owners and players alike. There will be an interesting look at the career of one of the game’s elite signal callers. Our writer asks the unheard-of question: Is Peyton Manning overrated?

Fans can expect in-depth team previews for all 32 squads, a recap of the 2011 NFL Draft, a look back at the 2001 NFL Draft and, in true Athlon Sports fashion, predictions for the 2011 season.

Will the Green Bay Packers return to Super Bowl XLVI and defend their crown as the NFL Champions? Or will the Steelers, Saints, Falcons, Giants, Patriots, Jets, Colts or Chargers have something to say about that? Athlon predicts every division, Wild Card and playoff game through the big game in Indianapolis.

There will be fantasy rankings as well. But if you are a true fantasy player, the abbreviated rankings in the NFL magazine just won’t be enough. Don’t worry — America’s Premier Sports Publisher has the fantasy junkie covered with 144 pages of fantasy analysis, statistics, rankings and features in the Athlon NFL Fantasy magazine.

The editors break down who should be the No. 1 pick and why owners need to Beware of Vick. The staff offers in-depth positional breakdowns for every position on the fantasy gridiron — including IDP rankings and analysis. A 20-round mock draft with industry experts, a 280-player Big Board and our beat writers answer all the tough questions from all 32 locker rooms.

Order your 2011 NFL Fantasy magazine here!