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Even though his team isn't one of the four competing for a spot in the Super Bowl this weekend, the headliner of the day in the NFL has been Aaron Rodgers.

Speculation that Rodgers could continue his NFL career not with the Green Bay Packers but another team in 2023 exploded on Tuesday after reports emerged that the Packers would explore trading the superstar — albeit only to a team in the AFC, and only if they get two first-round picks in return. As a result, the NFL world seems to have collectively decided that the New York Jets make the most sense to be the next stop for Rodgers.

In his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee show, Rodgers only fanned those flames.

While Rodgers initially pushed back on the notion that he's likely to be traded, saying he hasn't even made a decision about whether he'll play next season, he did use a question about New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson as an opportunity to praise the team's offensive weapons.

"I think he's super talented," Rodgers said of Wilson. "I think a little humility is good for all of us at various times in our careers. I think the first year, they literally had no players. They came to practice against us and I was like, 'the defense can play and the offense needs some more players.' Then they added a young receiver from Ohio State, is it? And got a tight end from the Bengals, I believe. They picked a running back who was pretty damn good last year."

Rodgers went on to say that he hopes the Jets hire an offensive coordinator who can work with Wilson — perhaps taking a vague shot at outgoing offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur, the brother of Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur.

But that hasn't stopped NFL Twitter from deciding that his words mean he's headed to New York.

"Translation: I am going there, gonna win with all these young weapons, teach this kid who I like how to win and hand him the baton," one fan tweeted.

"Acting like he doesn't know the player names man he is a JET," wrote another.

There is, of course, precedent for the Packers trading an aging, future Hall of Fame quarterback to the Jets. In 2008, they sent Brett Favre to New York to allow Rodgers to take over behind center.

Could we see history repeat itself? There are still several moving parts, including Rodgers deciding to return for a 19th season and the Packers actually moving him despite the fact that doing so would cost them roughly $40 million in dead cap money next season.

That said, if the Packers really do plan to send Rodgers to the AFC, the Jets make as much sense as any destination. And it sounds like Rodgers would be on board.