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Look: Bailey Zappe Sideline Video Goes Viral During MNF

Patriots quarterbacks Bailey Zappe, Brian Hoyer and Mac Jones.

The New England Patriots benched quarterback Mac Jones in the second quarter of Monday Night Football in favor of Bailey Zappe. 

Since then, Zappe has led the Patriots on two touchdown drives, but the Patriots' quarterback appears to have gone viral for a much different reason tonight.  

"Not Bailey Zappe casually singing along to “Stacy’s Mom” after hopping off the bench to lead back-to-back touchdown drives," Jeff Lemieux tweeted during Monday Night Football.

Zappe isn't the first NFL quarterback to go viral for singing on the bench. 

In 2019, former Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock was filmed on the sidelines rapping along to Young Jeezy's "Put On." 

"THIS IS INCREDIBLE," Gump Cathcart tweeted in 2019.

The question now is, who did it better? 

While the two quarterbacks appear to have very different music tastes, the common theme is that NFL fans seem to love it when their signal callers perform karaoke on the sidelines.

On the field tonight, though, the Chicago Bears lead the New England Patriots 33-14 through three quarters.