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Look: Chris Fowler Sends Hilarious Message To Kirk Herbstreit During TNF

Chris Fowler talks with Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit

Fans aren't the only ones making jokes about this week's Thursday Night Football matchup.

Noted ESPN college football and tennis announcer Chris Fowler sent a tweet directed at Kirk Herbstreit and Al Michaels tonight, joking about the lack of offense seen in Thursday night's game. 

"Hey, Al and Kirk. You fellas haven't seen a touchdown for awhile," Fowler said. "I'm sure you Remember what one looks like... but just in case, it's when a player possesses the football while breaking the plane of the endzone. Stay alert for that."

The Chicago Bears must've heard Fowler, as Justin Fields hit Dante Pettis for a 40 yard touchdown strike soon after the tweet was posted. 

Now 12-7 in favor of the Commanders late in the 4th quarter, Herbstreit and Michaels have seen two total touchdowns tonight. 

Fowler even dedicated another tweet to the first one of the game:

"TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN BEARS! Thursday night drought ends at 6 quarters. Can I get an amen?" Fowler tweeted during the 3rd quarter. 

The Commanders currently have the ball and the lead with two minutes remaining in the 4th quarter and are looking to improve their record to 2-4.