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Look: Insane James Harrison Workout Video Goes Viral

James Harrison

Retirement from the NFL usually means spending time with family, playing golf, and spending days basking in an overall sense of relaxation. 

That is, unless you're former Steelers' linebacker James Harrison.

In a video that's gone viral on twitter today, viewers can see Harrison performing an insane workout, pushing a nearly 2,000 pound sled like it was nothing.

"James Harrison is 44 years old. He may be behind you right now. Vigilance will not save you," twitter user @edsbs captioned Harrison's workout video.

Harrison, who retired from the NFL following the 2017 season, is obviously still in incredible physical form. 

At 44 years old, Harrison's workout is one that many current NFL players might struggle to perform, let alone to the same efficiency as the former Steeler. 

Responding to Harrison's video, one twitter user was in awe of Harrison's ability to even find that many 45-pound plates. 

"at James Harrison's house," @edsbs replied to a question asking where Harrison found that many plates.

Harrison's former team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, will travel to take on the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles in Week 8.