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Look: Insane Snowstorm Forecast For NFL Week 11 Game Goes Viral

Buffalo Bills seats

Snow covers seats at the Buffalo Bills stadium

Meteorologists in Buffalo are now predicting possible "thundersnow" Sunday during Bills vs. Browns. 

Yes, you read that right. 

In an update posted by ESPN's Adam Schefter this morning, the rare winter thunderstorm is reportedly forecasted to drop 3-to-6 feet of snow in Buffalo by game time. 

"Forecasts calling for snow totals of 3-to-6 feet by Sunday in Buffalo, including possible “thundersnow.” Last time snow forced NFL to move a game out of Buffalo was 2014, when Jets and Bills played that Monday night in Detroit. NFL monitoring storm, talking to Bills and Browns," Schefter tweeted Thursday morning. 

Per Schefter, the last time the NFL moved a game out of Buffalo due to inclement weather was 2014 when a heavy snowstorm moved Bills vs. Jets to Detroit. 

With a potentially historic weather event brewing this weekend, the NFL is monitoring the storm and already talking with both the Bills and Browns about the potential need for relocation. 

In the case that weather forces the game out of Buffalo, Ford Field will likely be an option for the NFL again as the Detroit Lions are on the road this Sunday at the New York Giants. 

The potentially record-breaking forecast this weekend has led some NFL fans to crack jokes about the height of several star players compared to the anticipated snow totals. 

As Sunday's game between the Bills and Browns draws closer and forecasts become more set in stone, keep an eye out for an NFL announcement pertaining to a possible relocation of the matchup. 

Should nothing change, the Bills and Browns will square off in Buffalo Sunday at 1:00pm EST.