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Look: Justin Fields Is Having 1 Of The Worst-Ever Seasons By 2nd-Year NFL Quarterback

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

Justin Fields has received mixed reviews from Chicago Bears fans and those in NFL circles. 

While some continue to push his upside as a second-year signal caller, others will point to the flurry of statistics that show the 11th overall pick from 2021 simply isn't cutting it. 

Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders posted a tweet during Thursday Night Football that ranks Fields among the worst second-year quarterbacks ever, according to DVOA (a metric he created). 

"Justin Fields with -43.3% pass DVOA through five games," Schatz reported Thursday. "Here are the worst-ever seasons by Year 2 QBs (min 200 passes): Akili Smith 2000, A.Walter 2006, Fields now, J.P. Losman 2005, D.Haskins 2000 (actually 2020), R.Cunningham 1986, B.Weeden 2013, T.Dilfer 1995, S.Brunner 1981."

DVOA stands for "Defense-adjusted Value Over Average" as noted on the Football Outsiders webpage

"DVOA breaks down the entire season play-by-play, comparing success on each play to the league average based on a number of variables including down, distance, location on field, current score gap, quarter, and opponent quality," per Football Outsiders.

Overall, DVOA takes into account more factors than traditionally used counting metrics to determine team and player success. 

With that being said, Fields has struggled in his year two campaign and that's evident by his -43.3% pass DVOA through five games. Fields will have to improve drastically if he wants to remove his name from the worst second-year quarterback conversation.