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Look: Mark Ingram Apologizes For Costly Mistake In Saints Loss

Mark Ingram

New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram has taken to Twitter to apologize for a mistake he made in the team's 17-16 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football.

Tom Brady pulled off perhaps the most improbable comeback win in his legendary career on Monday Night Football as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the New Orleans Saints 17-16.

But he certainly got some help from the opposing side in order to do so.

Saints running back Mark Ingram has now taken to Twitter to apologize for the mistake he made that helped the Bucs erase a 13-point deficit in the game's final minutes.

"I'm sick about this one," Ingram wrote. "Regardless of circumstances or how I feel I have to get that fresh set of downs for the squad. I apologize to my teammates and my coaches and my city for a crucial mistake. We work way too hard and sacrifice blood sweat and tears. I will be better."

The Bucs got the ball back trailing 16-3 with 5:21 to play, but they probably should have had less time. 

On the prior Saints possession, quarterback Andy Dalton hit Ingram for a short completion. Ingram appeared to have plenty of room to gain first-down yardage, but instead he stepped out of bounds less than a yard shy of the sticks. 

On the next play, Dalton threw an incompletion, and the Saints punted.

At the time, Ingram probably felt good about the Saints' chances of winning and wanted to save a hit on his 32-year-old body. According to Next Gen Stats, the Saints' win probability grew as high as 99.7 percent during the fourth quarter.

But Ingram's mistake proved costly, as a Saints first down would have allowed them to either run another two minutes or so off the game clock or force the Bucs to use their timeouts sooner.

Considering Brady threw the game-winning touchdown with three seconds remaining, it seems fair to surmise Tampa Bay wouldn't have had time to complete the comeback had Ingram gained another yard.

Ingram, the 12-year veteran who has played most of his career with the Saints, is well-liked in New Orleans. 

But it might take him a while to earn the forgiveness of Saints fans after Monday night's heartbreaker.