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Look: Photos Of Snow-Filled Buffalo Bills Stadium Go Viral

Buffalo Bills seats

Buffalo Bills stadium seats covered in snow

When the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns face off for Week 11's matchup in the domed Ford Field, some fans will be let down that a rare snow game will be avoided. 

A tease of what this game could have looked like was offered by the Bills' social media account. Buffalo's Twitter page gave a view of Highmark Stadium...or what little of it you could see under mountains of snow. 

The NFL's decision to re-route Sunday's game wasn't unanimously popular, with some fans upset at the missed opportunity of witnessing such a spectacle. 

This has only been heightened by the Bills' Twitter photo, with fans sounding off. 

"WHY WAS THE GAME MOVED?!? For us Packer fans, football was made to be played in the snow!", one user wrote. Another chimed in, "Just think as y’all look at these photos, another 2-3 FEET possibly more is coming still* to Orchard Park, NY!"

A more sensible approach prevailed with one account, replying "It’s not about legal it’s about 80,000 people trying to drive in all that snow to the stadium."

While player safety certainly factored in as well, this is a salient point. Buffalo news stations have reported highways being shut down, myriad schools and public resources being closed, and various power outages resulting from the storm. 

It's hard not to love a game impacted by the elements, but it appears the league's decision to move Sunday's game was the correct one.