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Look: Terrifying Photo Of Aaron Donald Rushing The Quarterback Goes Viral Tonight

Defense/Special Teams Rankings Week 5: Aaron Donald/Los Angeles Rams

Aaron Donald

Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald is not human. 

Donald and the Rams are battling the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football this evening. 

Early in the first quarter, the Niners somehow completely forgot to block Donald. He had a clear path to quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. 

Fortunately, Garoppolo was able to get the ball away. But the image of Donald rushing the 49ers quarterback is about as terrifying as it gets. 

Aaron Donald chasing a quarterback down has to be a terrifying experience. Credit to Jimmy Garoppolo for getting the ball away in a pressure moment. 

The 49ers currently lead the Rams 7-3. 

Catch the game on ESPN, ESPN2 or ABC.