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Look: Troy Aikman's Awesome Halloween Story Goes Viral

Troy Aikman

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman is in the news today following reports of a hilarious Halloween story of his from years ago. 

According to Paul Pabst of "The Dan Patrick Show," Aikman once told him that when he forgot to buy candy to pass out one Halloween, he instead gave out signed trading cards for every kid that came by his house. 

The story is going viral on twitter.

"Troy Aikman told us one time he came home from practice on Halloween and he forgot to buy candy to give out. Instead, he sat there and signed trading cards for all the kids. The next year, he gave out candy...and the kids were bummed...they wanted the signed cards," Paul Pabst posted to twitter Friday. 

Aikman, a six-time Pro Bowl quarterback for the Cowboys, handed out arguably the most expensive Halloween haul of all time. 

He didn't make the same mistake next year, however, as the quarterback decided to stock up and give out candy. It appears, though, that the kids would rather he continued giving out autographs. 

Perhaps more NFL quarterbacks should follow Aikman's lead and ditch the candy for a pen and paper this Halloween season.