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After reading on the most talked about ankle in the history of the AFC Championship, fans got to see it go to work on Wednesday.

Patrick Mahomes, who suffered a high ankle sprain against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the divisional round, participated in the Kansas City Chiefs' walk-through on Wednesday morning and was on the practice field Wednesday afternoon.

"I'm doing good, you know, AFC Championship week, ready to go," Mahomes said on Wednesday. "[My ankle] is doing good. A few days of treatment, few days of rehab. I'm excited to get on the practice field and kind of test it out and see where I'm at, but it's feeling good so far."

Video of Mahomes on the practice field was released by media members, which begs the question: Is he really "good?"

Some are saying Mahomes is favoring his non-injured left leg while others are saying he always runs funny. More fans than not are just excited to see him upright and moving around.

The Chiefs are set to take on the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship on Sunday.

In a game where Mahomes can't fully rely on his legs to escape sticky situations, the Chiefs offensive line will have to overpower the Bengals d-line to allow Mahomes time to work his magic as a traditional pocket passer. 

There's no 100% guarantee Mahomes will play, or play well, on Sunday.