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Los Angeles Rams Are Cutting Veteran Running Back This Tuesday

Los Angeles Rams helmet.

ESPN's Adam Schefter dropped a fairly unexpected report Tuesday, which was then confirmed by the Los Angeles Rams. 

The 3-7 team cut ties with Darrell Henderson Jr., who has been with LA since 2019. 

If Henderson's initial reaction is interpreted at face value, he appears to have taken the news in stride. 

Teams seeking to pick up Henderson may do so as a reclamation project. With his injured knee, it's unclear to what extend Henderson will be able to contribute with a new team. The banged-up Henderson logged just two snaps Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, and has attempted double-digit numbers of rushes on just four occasions this season. 

The Rams may bolster their depth with a running back addition, but as it currently stands, Cam Akers and Kyren Williams will be the most likely recipients of increased action in Henderson's stead. 

We are sure to hear more in the coming days and weeks about the details surrounding Henderson's exit. His departure was an abrupt about-face for coach Sean McVay and the Rams, as McVay had recently vowed to get Darrell more involved on the field.