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'Major Fight' Breaks Out At New York Giants Training Camp

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Tempers were running high at the New York Giants' training camp this Monday morning. A huge fight broke out during practice; and it was caught on video. 

It's currently unclear what sparked the brawl, but it appeared to start when an offensive player was taken to the ground by a couple defensive players. 

Both units then got involved, sparking a pretty sizable training camp fight. 

It doesn't look like that was the only fight of the day at practice. 

Oh boy. 

Dan Duggan has more on what unfolded at practice on Monday. 

"We had a MAJOR fight," said Dan Duggan. "Started with Jon Feliciano and Tae Crowder. Cam Brown dragged Feliciano out of the scrum and OL coach Bobby Johnson pushed Brown. Then Feliciano punched Brown in the head. Never seen a coach do that to a player."

He added, "The whole sequence started with Saquon lowering his shoulder into Aaron Robinson with a bit more physicality than practice had been operating at. Next play, Crowder tackled Antonio Williams. Then Feliciano went right after Crowder on the next play and we were off!"

The Giants are preparing to take on the Patriots in their first preseason game this Thursday night.