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Matt LaFleur Has Eye-Opening Response When Asked Why RB Kylin Hill Was Cut

Packers coach Matt LaFleur

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur

On Tuesday, the Packers announce they have released running back Kylin Hill. It's a pretty surprising decision by the NFC North franchise. 

Hill was taken by the Packers in the seventh round of the 2021 NFL Draft. He played in 10 games in two seasons. 

When asked by reporters why LaFleur chose to move on from Hill this Tuesday afternoon, the Packers coach didn't hesitate to speak the truth. 

Hill apparently voiced too many complaints about his role on the team for LaFleur's liking. 

"Regardless of your role, no matter how big or how small, we expect guys to come to work and just be supportive and own that role to the best of their ability. When you don’t do that, this is what happens," said LaFleur. 

Yikes. Matt LaFleur is clearly not a fan of Kylin Hill's attitude. 

Amari Rodgers, on the other hand, has LaFleur's sympathy after he was cut on Tuesday. 

"That one hurts a lot ... He did everything we asked him to do. He was a great teammate. He works his tail off. You could see him really growing just in terms of overall knowledge, but we are in a production-based business," LaFleur said. 

Lesson for football players? Show up to work with a positive attitude. There's no substitute for hard work and a good attitude.