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Matt LaFleur Has Honest Response To Aaron Rodgers' Suggestion

Packers coach Matt LaFleur

Things are starting to unravel in Green Bay following the team's loss on Sunday. 

After the Packers' loss to the Jets over the weekend, Aaron Rodgers pitched an idea to Matt LaFleur. He thinks the team should consider simplifying the offense. 

LaFleur, however, has no plan to simplify things. In fact, he doesn't really understand Rodgers' suggestion to begin with. 

It doesn't sound LaFleur has any interest in simplifying the Packers offense. 

Aaron Rodgers says he wants to simplify the offense. When Matt LaFleur is asked about that, he says, “I don’t know what that means.” Ok so that’s not great

Things will go south very quickly if the relationship between Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur heads in the wrong direction moving forward. 

Rodgers is likely suggesting LaFleur makes the offense a bit more simple because of how many inexperience players there are in the Green Bay offense. 

It sounds like LaFleur is keeping his offense as is, though.