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Matt Patricia Appears To Be Calling Plays For Patriots Offense

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Matt Patricia

Bill Belichick refuses to name an official offensive or defensive coordinator. But somebody has to get the play calls in. That appears to be Matt Patricia's job. 

Although he's not the official offensive coordinator, it appears Patricia is calling the offensive play for the New England Patriots offense in tonight's preseason game vs. the New York Giants. 

It's plausible Belichick is putting Patricia through a test and may change his mind at a later date. But for now, it's Patricia's job to get the offensive play calls in. Joe Judge is still involved, though. 

:On the first drive, Matt Patricia called the offensive plays. During this time when the defense is on the field, Patricia huddles with the OL, and Joe Judge is with the QBs. A snapshot of how the Patriots are divvying up the coaching duties," said Mike Reiss.

This is going to be a work in progress, but Patricia is no rookie. He's done this before, and reports about concerns surrounding the New England offense have probably gone a bit too far. 

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