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Matt Stafford's Wife Fires Back at Fans After Selling Her Lions Tickets


NFL wives are often criticized for no reason. Often times they won't respond.

Matt Stafford's wife Kelly isn't afraid to clap back. The Lions star's wife went on Instagram a couple days ago to sell tickets to the Monday night showdown between Detroit and New Orleans. These were not player tickets, these were tickets she purchased.

Some fans thought it was horrible that Kelly was selling the tickets as opposed to giving them away to fans. Fans made two points saying that she probably got the tickets for free, and she doesn't need the money when her husband makes millions. She was tired of the talk so she went back to Instagram to explain that the tickets weren't free, and also why she was going to miss the game.

Usually when you buy something you aren't able to use, the first thing you do is try to get your money back so it makes sense.