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Matthew Stafford Reveals 1 Surprise Team He Thought He'd Be Traded To Last Year

Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LVI

The Rams' acquisition of Matthew Stafford from the Detroit Lions last year changed the veteran quarterback's legacy for the better. 

Stafford won a Super Bowl in his first year away from Detroit and is expected to once again compete for the NFC West title this season. 

However, Stafford was not expecting to get traded to Los Angeles when he was still in Detroit. 

Stafford told Jalen Ramsey on "Straight Off the Press" with Jalen Ramsey this week that he thought he was going to get traded to the 49ers of San Francisco. 

"Did I think I was going to go to the Los Angeles Rams? That was the last team I would have ever thought I was going to. I thought I was going to be across the bay in San Fran," Stafford admits.

Had the 49ers acquired Stafford instead of the Rams, they'd be the ones with a 2021-22 Super Bowl banner. 

Instead, the Niners fell to Stafford and the Rams in the NFC Championship. 

Now, San Francisco is still stuck with Jimmy Garoppolo. The good news is he's playing decently well this season and the 49ers are tied for first in the NFC West at 3-3.