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Micah Parsons Had Blunt 6-Word Message For President Biden Before Deleting Tweet

Cowboys star Micah Parsons

Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons

President Joe Biden on Thursday completed a prisoner swap with Russia. The exchange resulted in the release of WNBA star Brittney Griner, who'd been jailed in Russia since February after bringing cannabis into the country. 

The exchange set social media abuzz, which will likely continue as Griner is expected to arrive back in America within 24 hours. 

One of the most brash takes from around the NFL came from Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys. The second-year player would go on to delete the tweet, but Parsons wrote Thursday: "We still not voting for you!"

The critical message was aimed at Biden, as Parsons' declaration was quote-tweeting the President. A product of Penn State, Parsons felt the need to clarify his deleted tweet. 

"My last tweet was no shot at Brittney Griner," Parsons wrote. "I’m super happy she’s back home as she should be. I just have family who have served and it’s crazy to me the President wouldn’t bring him home too. I’m the furthest thing from a Trump supporter but I’m not a fan of Biden either."

Parsons wasn't done adjusting his stance from there. In a subsequent tweet, he'd express further remorse and distance himself from the deleted message. 

"Just spoke to some people that I respect and trust. I should have been more educated on the topic and not tweeted out of emotion for my family and other who have served. For that I apologize."