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Michael Irvin Makes A Crazy Dallas Cowboys Prediction

Cowboys legend Michael Irvin.

NFL legend Michael Irvin is hopping on the Dallas Cowboys' bandwagon ahead of the 2022 season. He doesn't just think they could be one of the NFL's best teams; Irvin actually believes the 2022 Cowboys could be chasing the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins. 

“If the Dallas Cowboys clean up these penalties, they will be chasing the (undefeated) 1972 Miami Dolphins," he said during Monday's edition of First Take. "When you got the No. 1 offense, clean up these penalties, they will be chasing the 1972 Dolphins. Did I say something crazy?”

Yes, Michael, you did say something crazy. The 2022 Cowboys will not go undefeated this upcoming season. 

One of the bigger issues Dallas is facing ahead of the season is playing clean football. The Cowboys were penalized a whopping 17 times for 129 yards in their preseason game the other night. It's a poorly-run team. 

There's no doubt Dak Prescott and the offense will mask the team's overall issues by scoring plenty of points. But at one point or another, Dallas will reveal itself to be what it actually is; an undisciplined football team that might not even win the NFC East.