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Mike Evans Explains The Controversial Referee Autograph Video

Mike Evans

When side judge Jeff Lambert stopped and handed Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans a piece of paper after Sunday's game, many in the NFL world took notice.

As it turns out, the exchange, which appeared to show Evans signing an autograph for the official, was simply Evans looking for ways to improve his golf game. 

While speaking to the media Tuesday, the Buccaneers receiver confirmed the interaction was only about golf. 

"Mike Evans confirms that he was NOT signing an autograph for a ref on Sunday. Says the conversation was about golf," Scott Smith reported Tuesday.

While NFL fans can breathe a bit easier today knowing there's no shady business between the two, fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are probably wondering why the interaction couldn't have waited until the end of the season.

The Buccaneers, now 3-4, are coming off of two straight losses in which Tampa Bay was a heavy favorite. 

Evans' golf lessons will likely need to be put on hold as the Buccaneers have a short week to prepare for Thursday night's game against the Ravens.