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Mike McCarthy Has 1 Bold Suggestion For NFL To Fix Recent Officiating Controversy

Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys

The roughing the passer penalty has come under scrutiny in recent days. 

Two controversial roughing the passer calls took place in Week 5. Refs went out of their way to protect quarterbacks Tom Brady and Derek Carr. 

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy has a suggestion for the NFL on how to fix it all. 

McCarthy thinks roughing the passer penalties, and any other 15-yard penalty for that matter, should be reviewable. 

"Any foul 15 yards, or more, should be reviewable," McCarthy declared on Wednesday at The Star, via Cowboys Country

It's not a bad idea. However, the last thing fans want is more reviews. 

Reviews are already taking too long as is. The game needs to be sped up a bit, not slowed down. 

With that being said, if a call is controversial it would be nice to see refs go and review it and possibly make a change. 

Do you agree with Mike McCarthy that the NFL should review 15-yard penalties?