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Mike McCarthy Loses His Cool During Cowboys Training Camp

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The tension was high at Dallas Cowboys training camp this Tuesday afternoon. Even Mike McCarthy lost his cool during practice. 

During a team period, a few Cowboys players began shoving and exchanging a few choice words with each other. McCarthy was not willing to let it go on very long. 

The Cowboys head coach lost his cool and began yelling at his team to get back in line and run the play. They listened and reacted pretty quickly. 

"Mike McCarthy not happy about the extra pushing and shoving," said Jon Machota. 

You don't see Mike McCarthy act like that very often. His team clearly respects him, though, judging by how quickly they got back into practicing. 

This is likely a make-or-break year for McCarthy. The Cowboys did win the NFC East last season, but fell to the 49ers in the opening round of the playoffs. 

For McCarthy to retain his job, the Cowboys probably need to win the NFC East again and reach the NFC Championship. Anything less and Jerry Jones may look to make a change.