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Mike McCarthy Sends A Blunt Message To Cowboys Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore

Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys

Is it safe to say Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore could be on the hot seat? It certainly seems like it, at least based off what Mike McCarthy is saying this Friday morning. 

The Cowboys opened the 2022 season with a humiliating 19-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Dallas offense had just 244 total yards. Moore's once innovative offense now seems dull and repetitive, and McCarthy wants to see a spark. 

McCarthy told reporters this Friday morning that Moore "has to be smarter" with his play calling. We will find out if that message translates well on Sunday when the Cowboys battle Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals. 

That's a pretty harsh message from a head coach to offensive coordinator. It'd be interesting to hear how Kellen Moore receives it. Mike McCarthy's not wrong, though. 

Moore has to get creative now that Dak Prescott is out with an injury. Cooper Rush will get the start for the Cowboys on Sunday. Moore may want to turn to the running game more often moving forward which will hopefully open up the play-action passing attack. 

Moore will try and be "smarter" on Sunday when the Cowboys take on the Bengals.