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Mike McCarthy Sends Clear Message On Dak Prescott Amid Uncertainty

Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy

Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy

Much ado has been made over Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott's underwhelming performance in Sunday's crushing 31-28 defeat to the Green Bay Packers. The two-time Pro Bowler threw a pair of picks as Dallas squandered a 28-14 lead.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith was one of the pundits to criticize Prescott, calling him the team's "weak link."

But Prescott has since received plaudits from influential voices within the Cowboys organization. First coming from owner Jerry Jones, and most recently from head coach Mike McCarthy.

"I think his best days are ahead," said McCarthy. "He’s our quarterback. I get the evaluation we have to go through, but I have zero concerns for him."

McCarthy would then be asked if Prescott's play has been more erratic than last season, to which he replied no. 

The timing of Jones' and McCarthy's show of support is hardly coincidental. From both a short-term and macro perspective, it's beneficial for Dallas if Prescott is confident in his starting role. 

The Cowboys are very much in the playoff picture, and with Prescott inked to a lofty contract, Jerry Jones has 160 million reasons to keep Dak productive and happy. 

Prescott's next chance to reward Jones and McCarthy's faith will come in Week 11 against the surging Minnesota Vikings.