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Exclusive Q&A with Myles Garrett, the No. 1 prospect in the NFL Draft

Myles Garrett

Myles Garrett

Texas A&M pass rusher Myles Garrett was a five-star recruit out of high school, an All-SEC and All-America performer for the Aggies, and the unofficial heavyweight champ of the NFL Scouting Combine — prompting one defensive coordinator to tell The MMQB, “I don’t have a player comparison for what I just saw. He looked like Wolverine.”

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The 6’4”, 272-pounder who inspires comic book hero comparisons has cemented his status as the consensus No. 1 prospect in the 2017 NFL Draft (April 27-29). We talked to the 21-year-old, whose ability to terrorize QBs in the pocket is about to help line his own pockets in the NFL.

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What are you looking forward to at the next level?

Dominating. Having fun. They go hand-in-hand. If you’re having fun, you’re dominating, usually. And if you’re dominating, you’re definitely having fun.

What NFL goals have you set for yourself?

Rookie of the Year, I want to win a Super Bowl, I want to be Defensive Player of the Year, I want to be MVP, I want to be Super Bowl MVP. But I’ve got to work hard to achieve all those things. It’s obviously not going to be handed to me.

What players do you model your game after?

Von Miller and J.J. Watt. Those are the top two.

Who’s the best player you’ve faced?

(Louisville QB and reigning Heisman Trophy winner) Lamar Jackson. In most games, he’s accurate with the ball and if you’re lacking off contain, he’ll escape and go 10, 20, 30, 40 yards down the field to score on you.

Has your love of dinosaurs been overblown?

I am big into dinosaurs, but I have many other interests that I’m passionate about. That’s something people gravitate to. That’s fine with me. As long as you don’t see me as a “dinosaur” man. I’m much more than that. I’m into poetry. I’m into writing. I love reading. I love sports outside of football. I’m a basketball fan through and through. I love boxing and soccer. I’m a huge Barça fan.

Who’s your favorite player on FC Barcelona?

It’s hard not to say Messi. He’s probably 80 percent of the world’s favorite. But if not him, probably Piqué.

Who’s your favorite poet?

Maya Angelou.

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What’s your favorite dinosaur?

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. It’s the biggest land carnivore of all time. They love to eat fish, but it can also eat anything else because it was so massive — over 50-60 feet long — had a huge shell on its back and was bigger than anything else around.

Other than Jurassic Park, what dinosaur movie should people check out?

If you’re a kid and you haven’t seen Land Before Time, I can’t understand you. That’s the thing that everybody just has to see.

You studied architecture at Texas A&M, do you plan on designing your own house?

I’d like to. If I get the chance and get the time, I’d like to do that.

Should you have been paid for playing college football?

You’re putting your body on the line. You do deserve more money than you’re getting. Guys want to be paid for their likeness. Their jerseys are out there. It’ll be your number and your team. It can’t have your name on it, but it’s still your number. Do you get paid for your likeness yet? Or are you owned by the university?

Do you have any big plans for your first big purchase with your signing bonus?

Get my dad a car. Whatever he wants. He deserves it.

What’s your best pass rush move?

I don’t think I have any move that’s better than the another. If you try to rely on me being a speed rusher, I’ll show you great power. If you think I’m a bull rusher, I’ll run right by you.

In the NFL, every rule written is to protect quarterbacks. How does that impact you?

I just do what I do. Nothing really changes. Don’t hit him below the knees. Don’t hit him in the head. Be ferocious.

Are you still planning on watching the draft with your family in Arlington, Texas?

Still my plan. Quiet at the house. We’ll see what goes from there. I don’t know what we’ll be doing by then, but I know we’ll be eating and celebrating.

Who should be the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft?

Who do I think should be the number one pick? Who? Me.