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Ndamukong Suh Fires Back at NFL Reporter Ian Rapoport


Ndamukong Suh has a bit of an unflattering reputation in the NFL, but this time he's speaking out.

On Sunday, writer Ian Rapoport reported on the Dolphins DT locker room antics. Apparently Suh gave the Dolphins a speech they won't soon forget.

"I'm told [Suh] told them: 'I'm going to be here for the next five years, there is no guarantee any of you will be as well. Only a handful of guys are good enough to play with me right now,'" Rapoport said. "He also said the schemes were not good enough, the techniques were not enough and everyone needed to be better, he said 'follow me.'"

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With polarizing words like that, Rapoport should make sure what he hear is 100% true. The reporter went on to say the locker room was split with some players thinking that was just a leadership type of speech for him to make, others weren't on the same page.

Later, Suh took to Instagram to share his thoughts on Rapoport's report, complete with the hashtag #IanRapoport