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New Baltimore Raven DeSean Jackson Compares Lamar Jackson To NFL Legend

Lamar Jackson: Previewing the Baltimore Ravens Offense 2019

DeSean Jackson isn't the first person to compare Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson to Michael Vick.

But he might be the most qualified to do so.

DeSean Jackson, who signed with the Ravens on Tuesday, played alongside Vick when he resurrected his NFL career in Philadelphia. Speaking with reporters for the first time since signing with the Ravens, he called Lamar Jackson "the new era Michael Vick."

“I’ve been keeping my eye on Lamar for a little while now," DeSean Jackson said. "You see a lot of characteristics that are kind of similar to Michael Vick. But he’s beat some of those records, so obviously he’s the new era Michael Vick. For me, being able to play with a Michael Vick and now for the first time being able to come play with Lamar, it’s just a blessing for me.”

Lamar Jackson broke Vick's records for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single season during his 2019 MVP campaign and recently topped Vick's mark for most career 100-yard rushing performances by a quarterback.

Ravens fans will hope the similarities between Lamar Jackson and Vick, widely considered the two best rushing quarterbacks in NFL history, can bring the best out of DeSean Jackson. The 15-year veteran had some of his best seasons with Vick at the helm of the Eagles' offense.

DeSean Jackson played seven games with the Los Angeles Rams and nine with the Las Vegas Raiders last season. He caught 20 passes for 454 yards and two touchdowns.