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New Lawsuit Has Been Filed Against Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson This Thursday

Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

A new lawsuit has reportedly been filed against Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. 

Watson, who is set to return from an NFL suspension in several weeks, has yet to make his official debut for the Cleveland Browns. 

A new lawsuit in Texas accuses Watson of pressuring a massage therapist (Jane Doe) into performing oral sex in Dec. of 2020. 

"A new lawsuit has been filed in Texas against Browns QB Deshaun Watson, according to court records. A massage therapist (Jane Doe) says she was pressured into performing oral sex on Watson in Dec. 2020 during the massage session," said Jonathan Jones. 

Jones adds, "Watson has said he has never assaulted anyone and stands on his innocence. FWIW, Doe's attorney is not Tony Buzbee, who previously represented the two dozen-some women who accused Watson."

Watson is still serving an 11-game suspension from the NFL. 

Cleveland, in the meantime, has given the reins over to backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett.