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New Video Shows NFL Star Quarterback Getting Hit In Face By Fan

A disturbing moment occurred at the Cardinals vs. Raiders game at Allegiant Stadium Sunday afternoon. 

Kyler Murray led the Arizona Cardinals to an incredible 30-23 comeback win against the Raiders in Week 2. Naturally, Murray went to celebrate with a few fans after the game. 

While celebrating, a fan appears to strike Murray in the face. The Cardinals quarterback appears to try and engage back. You can see the video below. 

"@Raiders @NFL this is absolutely disgusting. Dude in the grey shirt needs to be banned from stadiums for life. Hits Kyler murray in the face on purpose and then tries to hide as you can see in this video….DISGUSTING. BAN HIM FOR LIFE. EVERYONE Retweet this out so it gets seen," said K1SinceDay1

This is unacceptable. This fan should be banned from NFL games for life. 

What's so unfortunate is that Kyler Murray was having the time of his life celebrating a miraculous win and one fan had to ruin it. 

Hopefully the NFL investigates this and takes necessary action. Murray and all other NFL players deserve better.