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NFL Analyst Makes Final Deshaun Watson Punishment Prediction

Deshaun Watson, Kevin Stefanski.

Over a week ago, Deshaun Watson learned that Judge Sue L. Robinson decided on a six-game suspension for the 2022 season. Nearly three days later, the NFL announced it'd be appealing the decision. 

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is reportedly attempting to suspend Watson for the entire season and hit him with a significant fine. A notable NFL analyst thinks his efforts will succeed. 

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio predicts the final Deshaun Watson punishment will be a 12-game suspension and $10 million fine. 

"My current (mostly) wild guess on the Deshaun Watson final punishment from the NFL: 12 games and $10 million fine," said PFT. 

This would be far more significant than the current six-game suspension and $0 fine. It'd also prompt teams to think twice before trading for and giving a massive extension to a player in Deshaun Watson's situation. 

Goodell is clearly trying to make an example out of Watson. It's sounding like his efforts could prove successful. 

If Watson is suspended 12 games, the Browns may have no other choice than to acquire another quarterback - perhaps Jimmy Garoppolo - in the trade market.