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NFL Analyst Names 6 Coaches On The 'Hot Seat' Following Week 3

Ron Rivera

Just three weeks into the 2022 season, a few NFL head coaches are failing to live up to their respective preseason promises. A few could soon be getting the axe, as a result. 

Bleacher Report has named six coaches on the "hot seat" following Week 3's results. It's a pretty surprising list. 

The six coaches included are Dennis Allen of the Saints, Pete Carroll of the Seahawks, Kliff Kingsbury of the Cardinals, Josh McDaniels of the Raiders, Ron Rivera of the Commanders and Brandon Staley of the Chargers. 

It's hard to imagine Allen or McDaniels getting the axe. Both are rookie head coaches and will get more time to get things figured out. Guys like Staley, on the other hand, may be in trouble. 

"The Chargers know they have a small window to make a Super Bowl run while Herbert is on his rookie contract. If Staley doesn't get the team looking like a contender soon, questions are going to start to percolate if he's the one to do it," via Bleacher Report.

If Brandon Staley can't get the Chargers back on track here in the next week or so, his seat will be scorching. 

The Chargers have the talent to compete for the AFC. But wasting away these years from Justin Herbert simply won't cut it. 

Who will be the first NFL head coach fired this season?