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NFL's Best Prop Bets and Values for 2015


The NFL season is almost here and gamblers are looking for any sort of value that will get them a little extra cash and props from their friends. There's always a wager or two out there that the general public may not think is worth its time, but it should be on their radar. We head back to 5Dimes Sportsbook for the values. These props will be at underdog prices for the most part. Wager at your own risk

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Baltimore Ravens to win the AFC (+1000)... Super Bowl (+2250)

Listen it's hard to find an underdog in terms of a Super Bowl champion. The usual suspects are at the top of the board with the Ravens being one of the lowest of the probable playoff teams. Word is early on that the secondary is going to be improved, which was the weak link of the Ravens. Joe Flacco has the pedigree to lead this team far, but he needs more weapons to be developed around him. If you absolutely don't want to wager on some of the favorites, then head to Baltimore for your Super Bowl champ.

Cincinnati Bengals to not make the playoffs (-135)

I'm not as big of a fan of the Bengals as most. Their defense didn't get the quarterback much in 2014 and I don't trust Andy Dalton at all. The schedule is real tough and doesn't lay out too nicely for Cincy. I think the Ravens win the division and the wild cards come from the AFC East and West.

Washington Redskins to make the playoffs (+700)... to win the NFC East (+1500)

It may be because I've been planted in Redskins training camp, but I like what they have got right now. Their front seven is fierce and if they stay healthy, then the defense will keep them in games. The big question is Robert Griffin III and how effective he will be. If the rookie RG3 shows up, then this team is capable of winning the division. No one in the NFC East enters this season without question marks. The Cowboys and Giants will have poor defenses while the Eagles have plenty of concerns on offense. This one will be tough to do, but there's value here with a team that if all breaks right, could win its division.

Carolina Panthers to win the NFC South (+250)

Carolina's got the only defense in the division and a competent enough offense that the Panthers should win this weak division for the third year in a row. Cam Newton has a solid run game with Jonathan Stewart and Mike Tolbert and enough weapons to make things interesting. (Note: This changes with the injury to Kelvin Benjamin. You may be able to get a better number, but I'm not as confident in this selection.)

Note: I came really close to putting Minnesota Vikings to make the playoffs (+260) and win the division (+775) on here, but I think they are still another year away. We'll see what Teddy Bridgewater can do with Adrian Peterson in the backfield and some weapons being developed. Their defensive stars are all young and all improving. I just didn't see a scenario where they beat both the Packers and Lions in the NFC North standings.

— Written by Matt Josephs, who is a part of the Athlon Sports Contributor Network. Josephs prefers non-Power 5 college football and may be the only one wagering on the Sun Belt. Follow him on Twitter @MidMajorMatt.