NFL Bye Weeks: 2018 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

A handy list to help fantasy owners manage those pesky bye weeks

When it comes to NFL bye weeks, fantasy owners have a love-hate relationship. Some view them as an opportunity to apply strategy to roster construction and management, while others consider them nothing but an annoying nuisance. The fact of the matter is bye weeks aren't going away, but that doesn't mean the NFL isn't trying to appease fantasy owners either.


Or at least it can be perceived that way when viewing the 2018 schedule. While the total number of bye weeks has increased from seven to nine, it allows the teams to be spread out more. There are just two weeks with six teams on bye while nearly half of them (four) will see just two teams sitting it out.


So love them or loathe them at least fantasy owners can now start preparing for the by weeks... or just continue to ignore them altogether.


2018 NFL Bye Week Schedule


Week 4: Carolina, Washington

Week 5: Chicago, Tampa Bay

Week 6: Detroit, New Orleans

Week 7: Green Bay, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Seattle

Week 8: Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee

Week 9: Arizona, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, New York Giants, Philadelphia

Week 10: Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Minnesota

Week 11: Buffalo, Cleveland, Miami, New England, New York Jets, San Francisco

Week 12: Kansas City, Los Angeles Rams


2018 NFL Bye Weeks by Team

Team Week
Arizona Week 9
Atlanta Week 8
Baltimore Week 10
Buffalo Week 11
Carolina Week 4
Chicago Week 5
Cincinnati Week 9
Cleveland Week 11
Dallas Week 8
Denver Week 10
Detroit Week 6
Green Bay Week 7
Houston Week 10
Indianapolis Week 9
Jacksonville Week 9
Kansas City Week 12
Los Angeles Chargers Week 8
Los Angeles Rams Week 12
Miami Week 11
Minnesota Week 10
New England Week 11
New Orleans Week 6
New York Giants Week 9
New York Jets Week 11
Oakland Week 7
Philadelphia Week 9
Pittsburgh Week 7
San Francisco Week 11
Seattle Week 7
Tampa Bay Week 5
Tennessee Week 8
Washington Week 4


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