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NFL Coach Apologizes For Involvement In Team Brawl

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Earlier this week in New York Giants training camp, a team brawl broke out during practice. Even an assistant coach was involved. 

Giants offensive line coach Bobby Johnson shoved linebacker Cam Browl during a team brawl on Monday. Johnson became angry with Brown when he saw him dragging offensive lineman Jon Feliciano out of a melee. 

"The incident [Monday], I take full responsibility," Johnson said Tuesday during a news conference, via "I'm remorseful. It can't happen. It won't happen again.

He added, "I've apologized to the appropriate people. In particular, Cam. I have to be better than that. It's not what we're looking for. It's a regrettable incident that can't and won't happen again."

Frankly, Johnson's pretty lucky that things didn't escalate and that he's keeping his job. 

Brian Daboll responded to the incident this week. 

"I would say really for everyone that was involved in that, that is not what we're looking to do. It has been addressed," Daboll said. "I spoke to the team. I spoke to the coaches. They know the expectations. We're not going to lose our composure like that."

The Giants begin the 2022 season on Sept. 11 vs. the Titans.