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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell 'Expected' To Issue Warning To Owners On Tuesday

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is not happy with the Miami Dolphins, who were busted by the League for tampering with Tom Brady and Sean Payton several years ago. 

There were also concerns about the Dolphins' attempt to tank, but the NFL's investigation never concluded the team was losing games on purpose to improve draft positioning. However, it's well understood within League circles that tanking is a widely-used strategy in the sport. 

Goodell, as a result, is reportedly expected to meet with NFL owners this Tuesday to issue a "stern warning" about tampering and tanking. 

"Roger Goodell is expected to address NFL owners today on tampering and tanking issues in the aftermath of the Dolphins penalties. Goodell is expected to issue a stern warning to the owners to avoid such competitive violations, as @ProFootballTalk previously has reported," said Mark Maske. 

It's unclear what kind of information is going to be passed along, but it's clear Roger Goodell wants to put an end to tanking and tampering. 

The reality is, though, that teams will be incentivized to lose games as long as draft positioning is determined by wins and losses. It's an interesting dilemma, and one that Goodell is going to have a tough time de-incentivizing. 

Goodell will meet with the owners at some point Tuesday.