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NFL Demands Retraction Over New York Times Concussion Report


The NFL is not happy with the New York Times and has demanded a retraction for its concussion story.

The Times' story last Thursday stated the league omitted concussion cases when it downplayed the effects of players' head injuries. According to Politico, the NFL has sent a letter to the newspaper claiming the story is "false and defamatory."

"We also request that the Times' reporters and editors who worked in this story preserve their notes, correspondence emails, recordings and work papers and all other electronic hard copy documents generated or received in connection with their work," the NFL's letter said.

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The Times issued a statement that it has "no reason to retract anything."

The paper claims everything that was printed with truthful and with full knowledge of the subject at hand. However, the NFL isn't buying it.

"The studies that are the focus of the Times' story used data collected between 1996-2001," the NFL said. "They were necessarily preliminary and acknowledged that much more research was needed. Since that time, the NFL has been on the forefront of promoting and funding independent research on these complex issues."

This won't be the last we hear of this story.