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NFL Fans Are Very Bothered By Russell Wilson's In-Flight Activities

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson

t's no secret at this point that Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson has a unique personality.

But his claim about how he spent the Broncos' eight-hour flight from Denver to London on Wednesday represents a whole new level of weird.

Wilson said he spent four hours of the flight stretching and doing treatment on his injured hamstring, which sidelined him for the team's loss to the New York Jets on Sunday. 

He even claimed that, while most of his teammates were asleep, he was "walking up and down the aisles" and "doing high knees."

"The first two hours, I was watching film. Watching all of the cutups and everything else. And then, the next four hours I was doing treatment on the plane. I was walking up and down the aisles. Everyone was knocked out. I was doing high knees and working on my legs and everything else, making sure I'm ready to rock. So that was good. And the last two hours — the last hour of that I fell asleep for one hour and I watched film for the rest. I felt good to go once we got back." -- Russell Wilson

Wilson declined to mention how his sleeping teammates reacted to him moving up and down the aisle for four hours.

Maybe these sort of drastic measures are what Wilson needs after a brutal start to the 2022 season. Through six games, Wilson is on pace for career-worst marks in completion percentage and touchdowns and the Broncos rank last in the NFL in scoring.

Of course, social media had a field day with Wilson's remarks. We'll leave you with a brief sampling of the reaction:

Wilson and the Broncos play the Jaguars this Sunday in London.