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NFL Fans Are Crushing Tom Brady For What He Compares Playing In The NFL To

Tom Brady has made more headlines for his life away from the football field of late than his play on it.

That continued this week.

On his "Let's Go!" podcast, Brady spoke with NBA star Kevin Durant this week. Perhaps in an effort to explain some of the strife in his personal life — reports have swirled that Brady's marriage to supermodel Gisele Bundchen is on the rocks — Brady explained that football dominates his time and energy during the season.

That sentiment isn't a shock coming from a 23-year veteran. It was the way Brady worded it that's elicited outrage.

Brady said he looks at football season "like you're going away on deployment for the military."

"You can really only be authentic to yourself, right?" Brady said. "Whatever you may say — 'Ah, man, I want to make sure I spend a little more time doing this during the season,' the reality is, is when it comes down to it, your competitiveness takes over and as much as you want to have this playful balance with the work balance, you're going to end up doing exactly what you've always done, which is why you are who you are."

Brady's comparing football to war has led to quite a bit of pushback on social media.

Brady has long been a polarizing figure, so this is nothing new for him. But more than ever, he can't seem to go a week without stirring up controversy this season.