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NFL Fans Think 1 Starting Quarterback Could Get Benched This Week

Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz

NFL fans are starting to think a starting quarterback in the League is going to get benched this week. That quarterback is Carson Wentz. 

This Monday, a reporter asked Ron Rivera what separates his team from the rest of the NFC East, which is a combined 13-2 so far this season. 

Rivera had a one-word answer: "Quarterback." He's clearly not happy with the play of Wentz through five games. 

Fans are starting to think Rivera will bench Wentz this week in favor of backup quarterback Taylor Heinicke.

"Probably time to bench Carson Wentz @Commanders," one fan said.

"I’m not trying to farm Washington’s land, but I’d bench Carson Wentz if I were them," wrote Jared Stillman.

"Yeeaahhh. I think it's about time to bench Carson Wentz. Yo, Heineke! Start warming up for next week," said Secret Agent Oreo.

"Carson wentz is the worst starting quarterback in the NFL. Please bench him so we don’t have to give Indy a 2nd round pick. Tank for a young QB, fire the coach and hire an offensive coach. I’m so done," Hunter wrote.

Should the Commanders bench Carson Wentz? It might be worth it at this point. After all, Ron Rivera has nothing to lose. 

The Commanders play the Bears this Thursday night.