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NFL Head Coach Reportedly Played Quarterback During Thursday's Practice

Seattle Seahawks stadium

Seattle Seahawks stadium

An NFL head coach reportedly spent time playing quarterback during Thursday's practice. That coach is Seattle's Pete Carroll. 

Carroll was the Seahawks' scout-team quarterback on Thursday, according to a report. He took it seriously, too, running a few rollouts on play-action passes. 

It's worth a reminder Carroll is 70 years old, which just goes to show how good of shape he's still in. 

"We can’t take video during walk-thru practices but man I wish y’all coulda seen Pete Carroll playing scout-team QB against the first-team D just now. Man was running play-action rollouts and everything. At 70 years old. That’s crazy lol," said Michael-Shawn Dugar.

Unfortunately, Carroll didn't have his best performance. As he admitted afterwards, the Seahawks head coach threw one too many passes to the defense. 

"I wasn't on my best game today. I threw a lot of balls to the defense," he said. "I was nice to 'em. But it's more than just the arm. I gotta get back going."

It sounds like Carroll needs to spend some extra time perfecting his craft after practice. Maybe he can cut down on the turnovers next practice.