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NFL Insider Has Big Update On Saints' Quarterback Situation

Saints helmet

The New Orleans Saints are slated to take on the Arizona Cardinals tonight on Thursday Night Football.

Just before kickoff, Ian Rapoport not only announced that Andy Dalton will start his fourth consecutive game, but also noted that he could retain the starting role based on his play tonight.

"It's not just that he [Dalton] is starting tonight, there is a real chance Andy Dalton is the starter going forward here depending on how he plays," Rapoport said on NFL Gameday Kickoff Thursday. 

Jameis Winston, who started the season as the starter for New Orleans, hasn't played since Week 3 after suffering a back injury early in his 2022 campaign.

Adding more on the situation moving forward, Rapoport continued his comments by comparing the numbers and impact each quarterback has shown for New Orleans this season:

"Eliminating some mistakes, just one interception in three games [for Dalton] compared to Jameis Winston's five," Rapoport said. "It's not just how Andy Dalton is playing... it's also the impact and influence that he has on his other players, trying to help them play better. If he plays well, I think they [New Orleans] would want him to keep playing well."

Dalton will look to prove that he should stay the starter for New Orleans tonight against Arizona.