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NFL Makes Official Decision On The Annual Pro Bowl This Monday

NFL logo on field

We have witnessed the NFL's Pro Bowl for the last time. The National Football League is officially moving on from the outdated and frankly uninteresting annual all-star game. A surprising move from Roger Goodell and Co. 

Instead, the NFL will be implementing a multi-day skills competition in Las Vegas. One of the events includes a flag football game. 

The multi-day event, featuring some of the NFL's top starts, will take place in Vegas the Sunday before the Super Bowl. A significant decision by the League and one that fans are happy to learn of. 

"NFL is replacing the Pro Bowl with a multi-day skills competition and flag football game that will be played in Las Vegas the Sunday before the Super Bowl," said ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The big complaint about the Pro Bowl is that it simply lacks competitiveness. It's also sort of pointless for linemen and defensive players. They're incentivized to play at a slower pace to allow offenses to have exciting success. 

Now that the Pro Bowl is gone away with, players will no doubt be looking forward to competing in a flag football event. Hopefully it's some sort of tournament. 

What are your thoughts on the NFL's significant decision this Monday?