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NFL Makes Official Decision On Tom Brady Tampering Punishment

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This Tuesday morning, the NFL announced significant punishments for the Miami Dolphins due to the organization's violation of the integrity of the game. Will Tom Brady face similar discipline?

The Dolphins punishment stems from the team's impermissible contact with Brady and former Saints head coach Sean Payton during the 2019 season. The NFL's investigation concluded Miami was clearly attempting to have Brady and Payton join the team in 2020. 

The Dolphins are losing a first-round pick in 2023 and third-round pick in 2024. Owner Stephen Ross is also being suspended through Oct. 17 and fined $1.5 million. But what about Brady?

The NFL has officially decided Tom Brady won't be discplined for reportedly being in contact with the Dolphins.

"NFL league spokesperson Brian McCarthy tells me that Tom Brady will not incur any sort of punishment for the Dolphins’ tampering," said ESPN's Jenna Laine.

A major sigh of relief from Tom Brady's camp. It's a pretty lucky outcome, all things involved. 

The NFL is clearly sending a message here. It wants teams, not players, to pay the price for tampering. It probably wouldn't be the best look if a player of Brady's caliber received a big-time punishment from the League. 

All is well for Brady in Tampa Bay. Miami, not so much.