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NFL, NFLPA Reportedly Reach Agreement On Official Deshaun Watson Punishment

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

An agreement has reportedly been reached. The NFL and NFLPA have agreed on an official Deshaun Watson punishment, and it includes a significant suspension and fine. 

According to a report, Deshaun Watson's suspension is being increased from six to 11 games. The official punishment will also include a fine of $5 million that will be made out to charity. 

Although the deal has not yet been signed, an agreement has been reached. An 11-game suspension and $5 million fine will be Watson's official punishment. 

"Breaking: NFL and NFLPA reached agreement on an 11-game suspension for Browns QB Deshaun Watson, per sources. The settlement also includes a fine of $5 million that will go to charity. Deal still is not signed but it is agreed to," said ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Deshaun Watson will now be missing more than half the 2022 season. The Cleveland Browns quarterback will be eligible to return to play in Week 13, which just so happens to be the same week the Browns play Watson's former team, the Houston Texans. 

"The NFL and #Browns QB Deshaun Watson have struck a deal on a disciplinary settlement. As part of it, he’ll be suspended 11 games and pay $5M. Watson is slated to return in Week 13 against the #Texans," said Ian Rapoport. 

A significant development in the National Football League and one that will have a drastic impact on the 2022 season, at least in the AFC North. 

Now, the question is will the Browns seek out another quarterback trade to fill in until Watson returns? The team's current plan is to move forward with backup Jacoby Brissett.