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NFL Reacts To Aaron Rodgers' Use Of Psychedelics

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

Last week, Aaron Rodgers admitted to taking ayahuasca, a psychoactive tea that contains DMT. It led many to question whether or not the substance is permitted by the National Football League. 

This Monday morning, league sources reportedly informed Pro Football Talk that the Green Bay Packers quarterback will not face any consequences for the use of psychedelics. 

Ayahuasca is not banned by the NFL. It doesn't violate the substance-abuse or PED policy. 

"Both the league and the NFL Players Association have informed PFT that ayahuasca counts as neither a prohibited compound under the substance-abuse policy nor a PED," said Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

He added, "It won’t even be an issue with ayahuasca. Players can use it. They can talk about using it. They can use it some more."

Rodgers can keep drinking that tea. The NFL won't be punishing him for it.