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NFL World Calling For 1 Head Coach To Be Fired Tonight

SoFi Stadium, home of the Chargers and Rams.

Could another notable NFL head coach be shown the exit this Monday night?

The Chargers trailed the Broncos 10-0 at the end of the first quarter tonight's MNF game. Brandon Staley's defense is getting shredded by Russell Wilson, who hasn't had much success so far this season. 

Staley's defense isn't having success. He's supposed to be a defensive guru. And now fans are starting to worry he and the Chargers are wasting Justin Herbert's prime years.

"Awful busted coverage there, and #Chargers explosive-play woes on defense continue," said Daniel Popper.

Fans are calling on the Chargers to fire Staley, regardless of tonight's outcome. 

"This is the defensive genius our HC is. Pathetic. It falls on him. He was given his personnel and we’ve gotten worse. Sean Payton time," one fan wrote.

"Can we fire Staley at half and have Sean Payton in there for start of the 3rd?" a fan asked.

"It’s weird defensive guru with ample amount of stars on defense but gives up 28 a game," one fan said. 

"Coaching issue. Scheme is bad. Handpick your defense and still a bottom 3 defense? This is so bad. Staley and Hill have questions to answer," a fan commented.

Should the Chargers fire Brandon Staley tonight if his team falls to the Broncos?