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NFL World Is Praying For Colts Running Back Nyheim Hines Tonight

Colts running back Nyheim Hines

The NFL world is praying for Indianapolis Colts running back Nyheim Hines this Thursday evening. 

Hines, the Colts' backup running back, was involved in a terrifying collision early in the first quarter. 

Hines attempted to get to his feet but came up "wobbly." He exited the game with a head injury and has since been ruled out of tonight's contest. 

NFL fans certainly hope Hines is okay, especially after the Tua Tagovailoa situation last week. 

#colts RB Nyheim Hines having trouble getting off the field. We have seen this too much lately. it's tough to watch. Hines is getting taken straight to the locker room.

Colts RB Nyheim Hines headed to the locker room to be tested for a concussion after exhibiting gross motor instability on the field, per @RapSheet He walked to the locker room under his own strength 

Oh no. That did not look good at all for Nyheim Hines...

Frightening scene with Nyheim Hines after taking a big hit

Man this is scary stuff. Nyheim Hines not right after a big hit on the first drive.

We are keeping Nyheim Hines in our thoughts and prayers tonight. 

The Broncos, meanwhile, lead the Colts 6-0 in the second quarter. You can watch the rest of tonight's game on Prime Video.